Real Casino Games with the 888casino App

The 888casino app has been nominated best-in-class among players as the go-to mobile gaming option. Players can enjoy uninterrupted entertainment on the go, anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection. The 888casino app for iOS smartphones and tablets certainly provides captivating entertainment, what with the option to switch between real-money casino games and practice-play games. Players […]

Moto G: My Personal Review

Motorola was absent from Indian market since long time, but with Moto G it entered with a Bang. Putting this beast in absolute competitive price category and segment. I liked the features of this phone and hence ordered the same on 6th Feb. Thanks to Flipkart it delivered me on 10th Feb. Let’s take a […]

Tips and Tricks for Monitoring Employees on Smartphones

Employers are monitoring their staff largely through smart phones because of the growing rates of its misuse, most employees are surfing the web watching viral videos. In order to keep the employees productive and up to the mark, the organization often has to opt for such measures like to keep track of employees. This may […]

5 Best Free Launcher Apps For Android

Are you bored with the stock user interface that your phone is offering? Are you tired of getting up every morning and looking at the same old home screen that came as stock? Well, in the world of android, every problem has a solution; you just have to think of the problem! And customizing your […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Features, Specs, Pros & Cons

One of the newest “Star” from Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy Active. Launched recently, this phone is turning many heads.  As soon as you hear about this phone, your first thought would surely be that what is new to this device that other Galaxy devices does not have. So to start with, this device has […]

Make Your Android Device Look Like iOS 7

Apple iOS 7 is here with lots of clamor and bang. The new update has not created the stir as it was expected from the US giant; however it still managed to draw the eyeballs of tech geeks all over the world. While apple fans hailed this complete overhauling of the OS, the Android supporters […]

Apple iOS 7 vs. Android Jelly Bean vs. Windows Phone 8

Apple iOS 7 We are talking about Apple and when they do something as big as completely overhauling there OS for their portable devices, it’s going to be loved and hated in every nooks and corner of the technological world. Even ardent Apple fans felt that the look and feel of this new OS was […]

Apple iOS 7: What’s In Store For You

There was a continuous demand for a new OS by the apple followers, who seem to have been feeling pressure from their Android counterparts as the Android OS is updated frequently. Many of us think that Android produces updates frequently then why not iOS. So, to stop all the talks going around apple has finally […]