jbOS7 - iOS like theme for Android

Make Your Android Device Look Like iOS 7

jbOS7 - iOS 7 like theme for Android

Apple iOS 7 is here with lots of clamor and bang. The new update has not created the stir as it was expected from the US giant; however it still managed to draw the eyeballs of tech geeks all over the world. While apple fans hailed this complete overhauling of the OS, the Android supporters claimed iOS 7 to be the copy of Android itself. Whatever it is, if you are an Android user and has always itched for having the feel of the Apple, you can always do that because the versatility of Android OS provides you with an opportunity to change the feel of your device without tinkering with its core functioning and lets you enjoy whatever you wished for.

If you are considering changing the look of your device to iOS 7, then I assume that you must have heard about this iOS update and have gone through all its details. And for those who do not divulge much into the details, they must have been smitten by the design of the iOS 7 interface. There were lots of comparisons made between Windows and iOS phone on the OS, leaving android feel like a bit of an outcast. The developers at CNET have come up with a new theme dubbed appropriately enough, Jelly Bean OS 7. The theme comes with a slew of customizable icons that completely mimics the latest offering of the iOS that is iOS 7.This new theme gives you 3D feel but you should be holding a premium Android device as much of it depends on the hardware of your device. It works with Nova Launcher, which allows user to replace their home screens, provided their phones are using Android 4.0 or above. Although the theme cannot guarantee you a 100 % iOS 7 experience, also because even though there has been the official announcement of this update but the final version has not been unveiled and is still to come, but it does do more than just skin the home screen. As said by the developer, the theme also has a lock screen as well as well as two additional screens that acts as an app. For example, you press the weather icon and it takes you to the weather screen rather than open the weather app.

This all development and significant minute changes results in a really slick looking interface that looks a whole lot like iOS 7, while retaining the personality of the Android. And for those die- hard fans, who think that giving it a try might take them into iOS boundary completely, you need not to worry as you are just utilizing the best of your OS, its Versatility.


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