Moto G User Review

Moto G: My Personal Review

Moto G User Review

Motorola was absent from Indian market since long time, but with Moto G it entered with a Bang. Putting this beast in absolute competitive price category and segment. I liked the features of this phone and hence ordered the same on 6th Feb. Thanks to Flipkart it delivered me on 10th Feb. Let’s take a look at the features of this device. Not mentioning any specs here as you can find that anywhere on internet.

In box contents

Got an average earphones, good charger and user manuals with the book, Motorola should have given better earphones and charger should be USB powered, now i need to buy extra data cable for pc connection purpose. My personal ratings 8/10.


Just one word, stunning, color saturation is perfect and vivid. Viewing angles are perfect. Touch is very responsive and elegant. The Gorilla Glass 3 is doing its job handsomly, had been tired of scratching screen with keys and knifes but no success till date. My personal ratings 10/10.

Software & Performance

Pure Android 4.3 and i am loving it, no tweaks and no bloatware. Happy that will be able to enjoy Android 4.4 KitKat soon. Thanks to 1.2Ghz quad core¬†Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and 1GB RAM the phone’s performance is awesome no lags whatsoever in playing power hungry games like Temple Run 2 & Subway Surfers. The phone performs smooth as butter. My personal ratings 10/10.

Call Quality & Network Coverage

Perfect, was earlier using HTC Desire S and the Moto G is picking network in those areas where my Desire S everytime denied. My personal ratings 9/10.


Decent rear camera, nothing much to talk about and nothing much to complain about, not too bad and not the best either, however its taking good images as compared to Sony Xperia M and Samsung Galaxy Core. I personally liked the clarity of Front Camera. The phone is perfect for an average non photo-savvy daily user. My personal ratings 8/10.


Overall happy with size and curve, the phone isn’t thick as mentioned in specs, its just the curvy back that is making phone appear thick. 4.5″ Display is sufficient, however i disliked the extra space below action buttons, that makes the phone look lengthy, Motorola should have provided capacitive menu and back buttons instead of on screen. My personal ratings 9/10.


I bought 8gb version as 16gb version was out of stock, i got around 5GB to use which is pretty low. Motorola should have given expandable memory card slot. There is cloud storage from Google Drive to help you out, but i feel it isn’t useful unless you spent more bucks on your 3g. My personal ratings 8/10.

Battery Life

I am using Wi-Fi 3-4 hours a day, 2-3 hours of gaming and 40-50 calls. The battery is surviving by the end of the day. Overall happy with battery life. Important thing to mention is that there is no heating problem upon long lasting calls and hours of gaming. Only thing i disliked is the non-removable battery. My personal ratings 9/10.

Wrap Up

I am mobile shop owner now and had sold Xperia M and Samsung Galaxy Core which are closest competitors of this phone in this price range. Moto G is decent and Value For Money phone specially for rough users as compared to the likes of XOLO, Sony Xperia M & Samsung Galaxy Core. Both these devices stands nowhere in comparison to this beast, alternative energy essay. My overall ratings to this phone is 9/10.

Moto G is exclusively available on pictures of generic xanax in 8GB and 16GB variants, 8GB version is available for 12499/- and 16GB variant is available for 13999/-, Sadly 16GB variant is out of stock with Flipkart, but it is expected to arrive soon. So get your xanax side effects in dogs.

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