Rumored Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 Review – If Only The Hype About Its Specs Come True!

Rumored Samsung Galaxy S5

Before Samsung released the much awaited Galaxy S4 in April 2013, hopes were high. With unimaginable fine-tunings of the previous models expected, S4 was the Smartphone to come above any other Smartphone ever known. Anyway, it came and fans could not believe their eyes, holding such a tech gadget. It was tremendous. It was at the top but days down the line, Samsung can dare to promise yet another better than S4 gizmo! Who can wait for this?

What is probably better on it than S4?  Rumor is rife that Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has more than can really be told. It will probably take longer in the market before Samsung think of introducing another one yet – probably an S9.

First of all it is obvious that Samsung S5 will retain the best features in S4 then introduce several new and better specs.

What Exactly About S5 That is Not in S4

The phone will come in a completely sealed off aluminum casing. That means more flexibility in the way you handle the gadget since you will care less about dust on your phone. Sealed off casing is dust proof as well as water proof; thus it will be tougher on impact than the S4.

Galaxy S5 will be wider and taller, featuring a 5.2 inch multi touch capacitive touch screen. This is to offer improved navigation, improved resolution proposed to be 720 x 1280 pixels, as well as ‘smart eye tracking’ system. But that at least is the S5 exterior and it is already mouth watering.

In terms of android speed experience and capacity, being a 5, it’s likely that it will be running android 5.0 not android 4.0. Anything that could possibly come better by improving android from an already perfect 4.0 to give it a 5.0 is what fans can’t really wait to see. It must be big-time android experience. But;

The Pith of Galaxy S5 Specs is The Interior

Samsung Galaxy S5 interior is a real powerhouse. A 4GB RAM is what’s purported to carry its internal memory in addition to expandable memory and a storage space of about 32GB. That’s quite new in the Smartphone history because even its predecessor S4 didn’t exceed 2.058GB of RAM. This apparently will be in response to a number of people who needed more space and memory than what S4 can manage. They will have more than enough. It will also feature a 2GHz octa-core central processing unit.

In terms of internet speed and network compatibility, S5 gizmo will feature 4G edge internet at 5.76Mbps and open to GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / UMTS 850 / 900 / 2100 MHz network frequencies respectively.

Best Smartphone Photography

The camera unit of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is meant to change the notion people normally have about phone’s photography ability. Apparently, it’s picture quality that every fan is waiting to come along with the Samsung S5. With a 16 mega pixels back camera backed with another 5 mega pixel front, with LED flash and a digital zoom, the gadget is promising fans great impressive experience in photography.

It however pays loyalty to wait rather than speculate a lot. The release date of Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected somewhere before mid 2014.

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